12 Insanely Useful Moving Tips

Ready to move to a new home? Cut down on the stress and chaos with these insanely useful moving tips!

1. Pack an essentials box. Put all of the things you will need right away into this box, like some cooking pots, snacks, trash bags, cleaning supplies, and tools. Have the movers put it onto the truck so it comes off first.

2. Color-code your boxes by room. Then have the movers unload the boxes into their appropriate room. It will save you tons of time!

3. Use soft items next to fragile items. Save on bubble wrap by putting soft items like pillows and stuffed toys around fragile items to keep them from shifting.

4. Don’t forget to defrost the refrigerator. This takes 1-2 days, so do it beforehand or else you’ll have a smelly, wet mess.

5. Photograph your electronic cord. This makes it easier to put them back together again.

6. When taking apart furniture, put any small parts in baggies and tape the baggie to the furniture. This will keep the parts organized and from getting lost.

7. Use storage bins for your seasonal items. This way, you won’t have to ever unpack or pack them again!

8. It is worth it to buy some boxes. You will want to get dish packs, flat screen TV boxes, a mattress box (if the moving company doesn’t give these to you), and probably a wardrobe box or two.

9. Prepare your lawn mower and motorized machines. Moving companies won’t move these until the gas and fuel have been drained! Blades also need to be removed and packed safely.

10. Measure your furniture! Make sure it can get in and out of your old and new home, including staircases, hallways, and doorways.

11. Toilet paper – make sure you’ve got some rolls of TP in your essentials box or you’ll have to make an emergency trip to the store right away.

12. Are the utilities turned on? Call at least 1 month in advance to have the utilities turned on 2-3 days before you move in. Then call before moving day to make sure they actually did get turned on.


Moving? Smart Ways to Get Rid of the Stuff You Don’t Want to Take with You

Moving may be emotionally stressful and a big hassle, but it is also a great excuse to downsize your belongings and finally get rid of all that clutter you’ve been accumulating. But don’t just toss out all of those items you don’t want! If you start downsizing far enough before moving day, you will have time to get rid of your unwanted belongings in these smart and possibly profitable ways.

Divide Items into Piles
The first thing to do when downsizing is to set aside an area of your home for the unwanted items. You will then want to divide all unwanted items into 3 categories: sell, donate and trash. The items which you want to sell will need to be further divided based on their value so you can sell them in the most profitable way.

Sell Items Online
Valuable items like high-end handbags, antiques, and collectibles should be listed individually. Ideally, you will want to list them at specialty sites for their type, or auction sites like eBay. Items such as electronics also go well on Craigslist.

Hold a Garage Sale
Items which aren’t particularly valuable can be sold at a garage sale. To make sure your garage sale goes well, make sure you spend some time cleaning up the items beforehand and presenting them properly. Don’t just plop all the items down on the ground or in boxes. Display them nicely on tables and hang clothes on hangers. Remember to have a plan for donating unsold items after the garage sale!

Get a Tax Deduction for Your Donation
There are plenty of charities which will gladly take your unwanted items. Many will even come to pick up the items for you, so long as you have a minimum amount. To help ease the costs of moving, donate your items to a charity which will give you a tax deduction. Get the receipt from them for tax purposes when they come to pick up the items.

Let Friends and Family Take Their Pick!
It can be difficult to get rid of items with sentimental value. Instead of selling or donating these items, you might find it easier if you give them to a friend or family member. Put all the unwanted items in an area of your home then invite people over and tell them to take whatever they want.

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