Domestic Violence

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proceeded to kick Suzanne Tucson domestic violence lawyer repeatedly and stamped her on the head while she begged him to stop he then went on to pour boiling hot water from a kettle directly onto Suzanne’s lap down her legs and stomach causing her to scream in pain afterwards he went back to the kitchen to refill the kettle but the police had arrived by then Suzanne was rushed to the hospital while her abuser managed to elude capture Leeson Britton described it as one of the worst cases of domestic violence.

They had ever seen Suzanne suffered horrific burns and doctors claimed that had McClain proceeded to pour another round of hot water she probably would have been killed later McLain managed to sneak into her hospital room and threaten her again he was later arrested afterwards and sentenced to years in jail in number five miss McGill in September a man named Keith Alan McGill brutally assaulted his unnamed wife one morning McGill who was upset over payment issues had been breaking things.

In the house his distraught wife called a neighbor who then took her husband to a our he came home later crashing through the front door and knocking it off its hinges his wife who was still recovering from a recent operation then became his target McGill kicked punched and stomped her on the back all done in front of their terrified ten-year-old son the attack went on and intensified McGill struck his wife with a lamp that tore her scalp burnt her with the cigarette slashed her with a knife and repeatedly struck her with the belt at one point he threatened to kill her and tried yanking her tongue out their son ran.