What Can You Do About Tucson ac repair Right Now

Here a little bit had this air-conditioner around for a little while it was given to me for free because it didn’t work and the story that accompanied it was that the owner had it running I went out to do some grocery shopping they came back and it was no longer running when they tried to turn it back on it wouldn’t work my first thought was blown fuse other.

Than that I had no idea but I’m gonna show you what I found and maybe if you have a problem with your AC come next summer you’ll learn something to be able to repair it ok first off you’ll see that I’ve already taken this apart it was fairly easy there’s holes here there’s another one just like it on the other side and then there’s two on the top there’s one just under here those are just clips little plastic clips and then there was a screw right in the middle.

I had to take out the dust filter to get to that there we go that’s a little better isn’t it alright so we pop this off the front for now I know as you can see I’ve already taken apart the control panel here I removed about a dozen maybe not quite that maybe eight screws and I had to take off the the louvers that cover the open sides of the window because there was a screw underneath them I had to get to then that lifts off and now I can show you some of the guts there’s a coil under here probably can’t even see that but there’s a there’s a coil under here and that’s the warm side this is the cold side as you can see there’s a coil there we’ve got an impeller and we got a standard fan blade and there paint being powered by the same motor over.